Monday, October 24, 2011


Imagine my luck, I wanted to do a blog about my home town, and I just assumed that the name "Garberville" would have already been taken. But nope, the name was 100% available. I want this blog to be about what is good for Garberville. So, we will probably talk about a lot of what is wrong first, then we will fix it. So, I hope that this will be a blog about community affairs.

This would be an awfully good place to advertise town events, concerts, etc. Maybe you don't like that our streets are falling apart and need repair, or maybe you noticed that a couple of street lights that don't work at night, and you want to report it. Maybe you want a different bus schedule. You wonder where to report it, or what to do about it. If you post it here it will become an issue. I promise you.

Most people don't like to go to meetings, and some of us don't have time to go to a Chamber of Commerce meeting, or find your Supervisor. The Sheriff might not be able to meet with you on your schedule. So, for the same reason that snail-mail is becoming obsolete, so are meetings. Why not have an online meeting? You can wake up in the middle of the night and have an instant forum to talk about your ideas for Garberville.

This will become an online meeting place for people that want to talk about, or do something about all things "Garberville". Just like with all meetings we will need ground rules.

1- You can be anonymous. Try that at a public meeting downtown.

2- I will delete any comments that I think are way out of line, or non-pertinent. You can can make it, but I can, and will make it disappear. I want this site to be productive, not ridiculous. When I delete a comment, it will leave a note in the comment's place that says "This Comment was deleted by administrator" so you will know that something has been deleted. Redundancy and ridiculousness will be deleted. Even if you sign your name.

3-Personal attacks will not be allowed. It's okay to say "John needs to sweep the street in front of his business", but it is not okay to say "John is a moron." I think that everybody knows what is acceptable and what is not. Treat everybody here like you were talking to your mother.

4- You will be asked to be very clear about what your specifics are. You will not be allowed to complain endlessly. You will be asked to make specific statements, then end it.

5- If you have any ideas about how this forum should be run, please make suggestions.


  1. I drive by Garberville whenever I'm going to, or coming back, from San Francisco.

  2. THanks Ernie, I have two issues. One is that the bldg where Green's Pharmacy used to be has had pap ov the window for years. It must be expensive to rent. I keep hearing they say they are opening it soon but I doubt it. It looks bad and what a waste when so many want space in the center of town. I am also distressed at the sides of our freeways. I've been here 35 years and they have always been clean. Somebody must have picking up the trash. I feel like stopping the car and getting the crap I see laying there. Right as we leave Garberville on the right there's a whole mess of papers, I think from a broken trash bag. Who cleans this stuff up? Con camp? Love them.
    So, thanks again Ernie

  3. Bunny
    For some reason I'm blocked from making comments with my blogger name, so I'm posting anon but signing until I figger it out.

    If it is a state highway, Caltrans is ultimately in charge. I’ll contact them, but I’m sure they are busy. Usually they ask you to volunteer to be on a road crew under the “Adopt a highway” program.

    As you know, Garberville has adopted and pays for a clean-up crew through the Chamber of Commerce. It’s called “The Merchants Guild”. We hire a supervisor to administer the court-ordered public service crew. They do a great job, they are the ones that are picking up after the hoards that we have had in town lately. They also pick up the poop. (Dog and “other”).

    The Old Greens Pharmacy Building is a mystery. I assume it is a secret for the same reason that we don’t ask what people do for a living anymore. The building is clean and well kept. That is to the owners credit. It is not and eyesore like some places have become.